Franklyn B Paverty: the Band

Franklyn B Paverty*, an experienced band of energetic musicians, is one of Australia's best bush bands**. Paverty entertains audiences with a carefully crafted mixture of songs/ballads and dances.

  • traditional Australian bush music varied with folk, country and occasional swing, blues, jug band or old rock 'n' roll music
  • bush songs, ballads and bush dances adapted to individual audiences. Franklyn B Paverty provides great entertainment for festivals, weddings, parties, concerts, conferences, workshops, etc.
  • a spectacular combination of talent, skill, enthusiasm and experience
  • over 40 years performing, mostly in and around Canberra

Franklyn B Paverty is one of the most enduring folk bands. Since the mid 1970s Paverty has performed in Canberra and the nearby region and travelled extensively to appear at the nation's major folk and entertainment venues. The band has made nine albums (5 CDs and 4 LPs - see our products) and many TV and radio appearances, including the ABC TV series Peach's Gold.

On numerous occasions Paverty has performed at the National Folk Festival.

Paverty performed at the official opening of Australia\'s new Parliament House in 1988 (see Hansard). 

Mr SNOW (Eden-Monaro)(3.43) —I endorse the remarks of the honourable member for Farrer (Mr Tim Fischer) and compliment all those involved in yesterday's opening of the new Parliament House, in the lead-up to it and in its construction. The reception last night, especially with the Franklin B. Paverty bush band, really warmed up the place and made it appear human, which had not been the case before then. It was a real housewarming party.

The band has been part of the celebrations marking 10th (see here), 20th and 25th anniversary of its opening (in 1998, 2008 and 2013 respectively).

Each year on Australia Day from 2002 to 2007 and 2010 to 2012, Paverty performe d at The Lodge for the Prime Minister's Australia Day celebrations. In late 2003, presented Australian music to guests at a lunch for visiting US President George W. Bush. In between public performances Franklyn B Paverty entertains guests at conferences, weddings, Christmas and birthday parties, and folk and other clubs in Canberra and elsewhere.

Currently, members of Franklyn B Paverty include Mal Bennett, Bob Buckley, Simone Dawson, Graham Chalker, Mary Firkins, Peter Logue, Bryan Rae and John Taylor. Other great musicians who have been associated with the band over the years include David Chalker, Ros Haskew, Fiona Mahoney, Dave O'Neill, Bob Rodgers, Frank and Bernie Nizynski.

* occasionally misspelled as Franklin or F D Paverty.

** Bush bands are a part of Australian culture. Paverty is one of the best and most enduring.